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UMD User Mode graphics Drivers
KMD Kernel Mode graphics Drivers
KDG Kernel Graphics Driver
KMS Kernal Mode Setting drm1
TTM Translation Table Maps drm1
MMU Memory Managiment Unit
MN MMU Notifier drm1
GEM Graphics Execution Manager drm1
GTT Graphics Address Remapping Table drm1
PD Primitive Discard RadeonSI /RADV
HSA Heterogeneous System Architecture
HMM Heterogeneous Memory Management
OA Ordered Append
MSI Massage Signaled Interrupts drm1
EMU Emulation mode drm1
ABM Adaptive Backlight Management drm1
BAPM Bidirectional Application Power Management
LBPW Load Balancing Per Watt
DPM Dynamic Power Management
CWSR Compute Wave Save and Restore drm1
GWS Global Wave Sync drm1
CRAT Component Resource Association Table GPU cache info
VF Virtual Function MxGPU
DPBB Deferred Primitive Batch Binning DSBR, partial primitive binning
DFSM ? DSBR, full primitive binning
PBB Pipeline Binning2


Abbr Full memo
SE Shader Engine
SA/SH Shader Array GCN(1SE =1SA =16CU), RDNA(1SE =2SA =10WGP =20CU)
HWS Hardware Schedulers
ACE Asynchronous Compute Engine
RB Render Backend =4 ROPs
ROP Render Output Pipeline
GCA Graphics and Compute Array3
GMC Graphics(GFX?) Memory Controller
GDS Global Data Share
LDS Local Data Share
DMA Direct Memory Access
GCP Graphics Command Processor
MCBP Mid Command Buffer Preemption
CS Command Stream
EOP End Of Packet
SMU System Manasgement Unit
PG Powergating
RLC RunList Controller
PFP Prefetch Parser4
CE Constant Engine
DE Dispatch Engine
ME Micro Engine
MES Micro Engine Scheduler GFX10?
MEC Micro Engine Compute?
PSP Platform Security Processor
RAP Register Access Policy5
SDP Scalable Data Port
PA Primitive Assembly
IA Input Assembly
HTILE Hi-Z Depth Compression
IB Indirect Buffer = GPU command buffer
LRU Least Recently Used
CGPG Coarse Grained PoweGating
UVD Unified Video Decoder
VCE Video Compression (/Codec) Engine
VCN Video Core Next
DC Display Core
PSR Panel Self-Refresh eDP PowerSave
DCE Display Core Engine?
DMCUB Display Micro Controller Unit B
HBCC High Bandwidth Cache Controller GFX9+
DSBR Draw Stream Binning Rasterrizer GFX9+
SGPR Scalar General-Purpose Register
VGPR Vector General-Purpose Register
ALU Arithmetc Logic Unit
SPI Shader Processor Interpolator / Shader Processor Input
PRT Partially Resident Textures
DIO Display IO DCN3
OPP Output Plane Processing DCN3
MPC Multiple pipe and plane combine DCN3
HUBBUB DCN memory HUB interface /DCN3
MMHUBBUB Multimedia HUB interface /DCN3
HUBP Display to data fabric interface /DCN3
DWB Display Writeback DCN3
DML Display mode library DCN3
DMUB Display Micro-Controller Unit6
AMFT Audio formating
VPG Video Package ganerator
SPL Security patch level
THM Thermal Controller7
PC_LINES Parameter Cache Lines?
HDP Host Data Path8
MGCG Medium Grain Clock Gating
MGLS Medium Grain Light Sleep
IH Interrupt Handler9
TMR Trust Memory Region10
SQ (Distributed) Sequencer
OSS OS Service11


Abbr Full memo
CDIT Component locality Distance Information Table
AO Always On
DCC Delta Color Compression lossless
DSC Display Stream Compression DCN 2.0+
TDP Thermal Design Power
TBP Typical Board Power
TMZ Trusted Memory Zone
DWB Display WriteBack
RAS Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
HDCP Highbandwidth Digital Content Protection
TA Texture Address /Trusted Application?12
TC Texture Cache?
TCA Texture Cache Arbiter ???
TCC Texture Channel Cache?13 == L2cache
TCP Texture Cache Private ??? GCN L1$, RDNA L0$
BACO Bus Active, Chip Off14
BOCO Bus Off, Chip Off14
OPN ordering Part Number
ULV Ultra Low Voltage15
GL2a GL2 Arbiter16 == TCA17
(Navi10 = 4, Navi14 = 2)
GL2c == TCC17
(Navi10 = 16, Navi14 = 8)
SC Shader Compiler? / Scan Converter18 Rasterizer
SX Shader Export18
GPA Guest Pysical Address19
EDC Error Correction and Detection20
SPM Streaming Performance Counter21
ICD Installable Client Driver
MALL Memory Access (at) Last Level22 GFX10.3+
SRD Shader Resource Descriptor23
PRT Partially Resident Texture24
TDR Timeout Detection and Recovery ?25

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