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AMDGPU Database: Device ID/ Revision ID/ Product Name




Raven ( gfx902 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x15DD ↓ 0x81 V1807B (45W FP5 Vega 11)
0x82 V1756B (45W FP5 Vega 8)
0x83 V1605B (15W FP5 Vega 8)
0x84 iTemp EMBEDDED (15W FP5 Vega 6)
0x85 V1202B (15W FP5 Vega 3)
0x86 (Embedded 65W AM4)
0x87 (Embedded 65W AM4)
0x88 (Embedded 65W AM4 Vega 8)
0xC1 2800H? (45W FP5 Vega 11)
0xC2 2600H? (45W FP5 Vega 8)
0xC3 2700U (15W FP5 Vega 10)
0xC4 2500U (15W FP5 Vega 8)
0xC5 2200U (15W FP5 Vega 3)
0xC6 2400G (65W AM4 Vega 11)
0xC7 (B8 65W AM4)
0xC8 2200G (65W AM4 Vega 8)
0xC9 2400GE1 (35W AM4 Vega 11)
0xCA 2200GE? (35W AM4 Vega 8)
0xCB 200GE /220GE /240GE (35W AM4 Vega 3)
0xCC 2300U (15W FP5 Vega 6)
0xCE (15W FP5 Vega 3)
0xD0 PRO 2700U2 (15W FP5 Vega 10)
0xD1 PRO 2500U3 (15W FP5 Vega 8)
0xD2 0x(B4 15W FP5)
0xD3 PRO 2400G4 (65W AM4 Vega 11)
0xD4 0x(B8 65W AM4)
0xD5 PRO 2200G? (65W AM4 Vega 8)
0xD6 PRO 2400GE5 (35W AM4 Vega 11)
0xD7 PRO 2200GE6 (35W AM4 Vega 8)
0xD8 (35W AM4 Vega 3)
0xD9 PRO 2300U7 (15W FP5 Vega 6)
? V1404I (15W FP5 Vega 8)

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Picasso ( gfx902 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x15D8 ↓ 00 Winston (Vega 8 WS)
0x93 (Vega 1 Raven2? /Dali? /Pollock?)
0xA1 (Vega 10)
0xA2 (Vega 8)
0xA3 (Vega 6)
0xA4 (Vega 3)
0xB1 (Vega 10)
0xB2 (Vega 8)
0xB3 (Vega 6)
0xB4 (Vega 3)
0xC1 3700C/U8 /3750H (Vega 10)
0xC2 3500C/U8 /3550H (Vega 8)
0xC3 (Vega 6)
0xC4 Raven2 3200U
0xC5 Raven2 300U
0xC8 3350G9/3400G (AM4 Vega 11)
0xC9 3200G (AM4 Vega 8)
0xCA (AM4 Vega 11)
0xCB (AM4 Vega 8)
0xCC Raven2 300GE /3000G
0xCD (AM4 Vega 2)
0xD1 PRO 3700U (Vega 10)
0xD2 PRO 3500U (Vega 8)
0xD3 (PRO) 3300U (Vega 6)
0xD4 (Vega 3)
0xD8 PRO 3400G10 (AM4 Vega 11)
0xD9 PRO 3200G11 (AM4 Vega 8)
0xDA PRO 3400GE12 (AM4 Vega 11)
0xDB PRO 3200GE13 (AM4 Vega 8)
0xDC PRO 300/320GE?? (AM4 Vega 3)
0xE1 3780U Winston (Surface Edition Vega 11)
0xE2 3580U Winston (Surface Edition Vega 8)
? 300UGE (65W AM4 Vega 3)
? 3150G (65W AM4 Vega 3)
? 3150GE (35W AM4 Vega 3)
? PRO 3125GE (35W AM4 Vega 3)
? PRO 3150G (65W AM4 Vega 3)
? PRO 3150GE (35W AM4 Vega 3)
? PRO 3350G (65W AM4 Vega 10)
? PRO 3350GE (35W AM4 Vega 10)
? 3450U

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Raven2 ( gfx909 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x15DD ↓ 0xE1 (15W FP5 Vega 3)
0xE2 (35W AM4 Vega 3)
0x15D8 ↓ 0x9114 R1606G Embedded
0x92 R1505G Embedded
0xC4 3200U15 (FP5 15W Vega 3), == 3250C?
0xC5 300U16 (Vega 3)
0xCC 300GE17 /3000G18 (AM4 Vega 3)

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Dali ( gfx909 )
Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x15D8 ↓ 0xC4 3250C8 (Vega 3)
0xCD Silver 3050C8 (Vega 2)
0xCE Gold 3150C8/3150U19 (Vega 3)
0xCF R1305G (6W20)
0xDE21 Silver 3050e22
0xE321 (6W20 Vega 3)
0xE421 R1102G23 (6W20 Vega 3)
? 3020e
? 3050GE (35W AM4 Vega 3)

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Pollock ( gfx909 )
Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x15D8 ↓ 0x94
0xE9 3015e24 (Samples FT5)8
0xEA (Production FT5)8

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Source: drm/amd/display: add Pollock IDs, fix Pollock & Dali clk mgr construct - amd-staging-drm-next


Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x15D9 ↓ 0x91 ?

Renoir ( gfx90c )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x1636 ↓ 0x00 (BringUp FP6)
0xC1 Extreme Edition /4800U25 (B12 15W FP6)
0xC2 4700U26 (B10 15W FP6)
0xC3 4500U27 (B8 15W FP6)
0xC4 4300U28 (B6 15W FP6)
0xC5 4900HS29 (B12 45W FP6)
0xC6 4800H30/HS31 (B10 45W FP6)
0xC7 4600H32 (B8 45W FP6)
0xC8 (B10 65W AM4)
0xC9 (B8 65W AM4)
0xCA (B6 65W AM4)
0xCB (B10 35W AM4)
0xCC (B8 35W AM4)
0xCD (B6 35W AM4)
0xCE 4600U?33 (B4 35W AM4)
0xD1 PRO 4750U34 (B12B 15W FP6)
0xD2 (B10B 15W FP6)
0xD3 PRO 4650U35 (B8B 15W FP6)
0xD4 PRO 4450U36 (B6B 15W FP6)
0xD5 (B12B 45W FP6)
0xD6 (B10B 45W FP6)
0xD7 (B8B 45W AM4)
0xD8 PRO 4750G37 (B10B 65W AM4)
0xD9 PRO 4650G37 (B8B 65W AM4)
0xDA PRO 4350G37 (B6B 65W AM4)
0xDB (B10B 35W AM4)
0xDC (B8B 35W AM4)
0xDD (B6B 35W AM4)
0xDE (B4B 35W AM4)
0xE1 Acton
0xE2 Acton
0xE3 Acton
0xF0 4900H38
? 4700G
? 4600G
? 4300G
? 4700GE
? 4600GE
? 4300GE
? PRO 4750GE
? PRO 4650GE
? PRO 4350GE

Lucienne ( gfx90c )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x164C ↓
0xC2 5500U39

Cezanne ( gfx90c )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x1638 ↓
0xC2 5600U40

Barcelo ( gfx90c )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo



Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x163F ↓


Yellow Carp

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x1681 ↓ 0xC7 (AMD Eng Sample: 100-000000560-40_Y) LilacKD-RMB43

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Discrete GPU


Vega10 ( gfx900 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x6860 ↓ 0x00 Instinct MI25 ↓ (Vega10 GLXT SERVER) ↓
0x03 Pro V340
0x04 Instinct MI25x2
0x07 Pro V320 (/V340?) 44
0xC0 Pro Vega 48 /56 /64 /64X45 ?
0x6861 0x00 Pro WX 9100 (Vega10 GLXT)
0x6862 0x00 Pro SSG (Vega10 SSG)
0x6863 0x00 Vega Frontier Edition (Vega10 GLXTX)
0x6864 ↓ 00
0x03 Pro V340 (Vega10 GLXT SERVER) ↓
0x04 Instinct MI25x2
0x05 Pro V340
0x6867 00 Pro Vega 56 (Vega10 XLA)
0x6868 00 (TM) Pro WX 8200 (Vega10 GLXL)
0x6869 00 (Vega10 XGA)
0x686A 00 (Vega10 LEA)
0x686B 00 Pro Vega 64X (Vega10 XTXA)
0x686C ↓ 00 Instinct MI25 MxGPU ↓ (Vega10 GLXT SERVER VF) ↓
0x03 Pro V340 MxGPU
0x04 Instinct MI25x2 MxGPU
0x05 Pro V340 MxGPU
0x686D 00 (Vega10 GLXTA)
0x686E 00 (Vega10 GLXLA)
0x687F ↓ 01 RX Vega (Vega10 XT - Blade)
0xC0 RX Vega (Vega10 XTX)
0xC1 RX Vega (64) (Vega10 DESKTOP XT)
0xC3 RX Vega (56) (Vega10 XL)
0xC4 (Vega10 XL)
0xC7 RX Vega (Vega10 XL)

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Vega12 ( gfx904 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x69A0 0x00 (Vega12 GL MXT)
0x69A1 0x00 (Vega12 GL MXL)
0x69A2 0x00 (Vega12 GL XL)
0x69A3 0x00 (Vega12 Reserved)
0x69AF ↓ 0xC0 Pro Vega 20 (Vega12 XTA)
0xC1 (Vega12 MXT)
0xC3 (Vega12 MLP)
0xC7 Pro Vega 16 (Vega12 XLA)
0xCF (Vega12 XL)
0xFF (Vega12 LE)

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Vega20 ( gfx906 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x66A0 00 Instinct
0x66A1 ↓ 00 (Server XT 32GB)
0x02 MI50 32GB?
0x06 Pro VII (Vega20 WKS GL-XE)
0x66A2 ↓ 00
0x66A3 00 Pro Vega II (Duo)
0x66A4 00
0x66A7 00
0x66AF ↓ C0
0xC1 VII (Vega20 XT)
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Arcturus ( gfx908 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x738C MI10046
0x7390 (Arcturus VF)

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Aldebaran ( gfx90a )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x7410 (Aldebaran VF)47

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Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x66AF ↓ 0x70 (Navi10 XTA, Fake DID?)
0x71 (Fake DID?)
0x72 (Fake DID?)
0x73 (Fake DID?)
0xF0 (Navi10 XTX, Fake DID?48)
0xF1 (Navi10 XT, Fake DID?48)
0xF2 (Navi10 XL, Fake DID?48)
0xF3 (Navi10 XM, 12Gbps, Fake DID?)
0xF4 (12Gbps, Fake DID?)
0xF5 (12Gbps, Fake DID?)
0xF6 (Navi10 XME Fake DID?48)
0x7310 0x00 Pro W5700X (Navi10 GL-XTA)
0x7312 0x00 Pro W5700 (Navi10 Pro-XL49)
0x7318 0x40 (Navi10 XTA)
0x7319 0x40 Pro 5700 XT (Navi10 XTMA)
0x731A 0x40
0x731B 0x40 Pro 5700 (Navi10 XGA)
0x731E ↓ 0xC6 RX 5700XTB for Blockchain
0xC7 RX 5700B for Blockchain
0x731F ↓ 0xC0 RX 5700 XT 50th (Navi10 XTX)
0xC1 RX 5700 XT (Navi10 XT)
0xC2 RX 5600M (Navi10 XME)
0xC3 RX 5700M
0xC4 RX 5700 (Navi10 XL)
0xC5 RX 5700 XT
0xCA RX 5600 XT (Navi10 XLE)
0xCB RX 5600 (Navi10 XE)

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Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x69B0 ↓ 0x71
0x7360 ↓ 0x40
0x41 Pro 5600M
0xC3 Pro V520
0xC7 (no video support)50
0x7362 0x71 (Navi12 VF)
0xC1 (Navi12 VF)
0xC3 (Navi12 VF) (AWS)

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Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x67DF ↓ 0x3C (Navi14 Pro-? Fake DID?)
0x3D (Navi14 Pro-? Fake DID?)
0x3E (Navi14 Pro-? Fake DID?)
0x3F (Navi14 Pro-XLM Fake DID?)
0xF2 (Navi14 XTM Fake DID?48)
0xF3 (Navi14 XLM Fake DID?48)
0xF4 (Navi14 XT Fake DID?48)
0xF5 (Navi14 XL Fake DID??)
0xF6 (Navi14 XTX Fake DID?48)
0x7340 ↓ 0x00 Pro W5500X Falcon GL-XTA
0x40 Pro 5500M (Navi14 ULA51)
0x41 Pro 5500 XT Falcon XTA 8G
0x43 Pro 5300M
0x47 Pro 5300 Falcon XLXA
0xC1 RX 5500M (Navi14 XTM)
0xC3 RX 5300M (Navi14 XLM)
0xC5 RX 5500 XT (Navi14 XTX)
0xC7 RX 5500 (Navi14 XT)
0xC9 RX 5500XTB for Blockchain
0xCF RX 5300 (Navi14 XL?)
0x7341 0x00 Pro W5500 (Navi14 Pro-XL)
0x7343 0x00
0x7347 0x00 Pro W5500M (Navi14 Pro-XTM)
0x734F 0x00 Pro W5300M (Navi14 Pro-XLM)

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Sienna Cichlid/Navi21 ( gfx1030 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x731F ↓ 0x50
0x73A0 0x00
0x73A1 0x00
0x73A2 0x00
0x73A3 0x00 PRO W6800
0x73A5 0xC0 RX 6950 XT
0x73AB 0x00
0x73AF 0xC0 RX 6900 XT
0x73BF ↓ 0x40
0xC0 RX 6900 XT
0xC1 RX 6800 XT
0xC3 RX 6800
Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x73C0 0x00
0x73C1 0x00
0x73C3 0x00
0x73DF↓ 0x40
0xC0 RX 6700 XT
0xC1 RX 6700 XT
0xC2 RX 6800M
0xC3 RX 6800M
0xC5 RX 6700 XT
0xCF RX 6700M
0x73DF 0xC0 RX 6750 XT

Dimgrey Cavefish/Navi23 ( gfx1032 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x73E0 0x00
0x73E1 0x00 PRO W6600M52
0x73E3 0x00 PRO W660052
0x73EF↓ 0xC0 RX 6800S53
0xC1 RX 6650 XT
0xC2 RX 6700S53
0xC3 RX 6650M53
0xC4 RX 6650M XT53
0xC1 RX 6600 XT
0xC3 RX 6600M
0xC7 RX 6600
0xCB RX 6600S53

Beige Goby/Navi24 ( gfx1034 )

Device ID Revision ID Product Name Memo
0x7421 0x00 PRO W6500M52
0x7422 0x00 PRO W640053
0x7423 0x00 PRO W6300M52
0x7424 0x00 RX 630054
0x743F ↓ 0xC1 RX 6500 XT55
0xC3 RX 6500/6500M52
0xC7 RX 640055
0xCF RX 6300M52


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